About Pop

Welcome, so you want a little bit more info on us eh? Let’s see, what is there to tell?

Well, the short and sweet of Pop is that Stuart, the owner of Pop, went travelling South East Asia for a few months and came across Bubble Tea, then after testing copious amounts and varieties of samples from the far East the Pop menu was born. At Pop we want to keep things simple and bring it back to basics wherever possible, so you’ll notice our menus are as down to earth as we could make them, no fancy names here.

A Bit More About POP

Pop is for the contemporary urban market and office worker alike. Offering a relaxing atmosphere to take a break and unwind or to settle some business with our mixture of eclectic and colourful bespoke designs and atmosphere for a stimulating sensory experience. A genuine drink for people on the move.

On Offer

We took the concept of these enchanting and courages beverages and ran with it… well, took a brisk walk with it at the very least.

Pop specialises in Bubble Tea but will be much more than just a Bubble Tea Shop. Alongside Bubble Tea we offer a variety of different drinks all with our little twist, all this resulting in a consistent quality end product which people can bank on. However we believe that just a great end product is not enough. The true value of POP will be more than an elegantly crafted consumable designed to titillate the senses, but the culmination of the product itself and the experience that the customer leaves with.

All the Tea used for Pop is hand picked from a variety of farmers and distributors to offer you, our consumer, the best possible end product. After all our philosophy here at Pop is:

“To offer you, our customer, the best possible end product, consistently, while recognising that your needs are fundamental to our success.”

Basically you are central to everything we do. We are because of you. So don’t leave us, ever, we love you! And we hope you feel the same about us.