Is Bubble Tea Healthy for you?

Is Bubble Tea Healthy? Now we are not going to sit here and tell you that Bubble Tea is the healthiest drink on earth, it simply is not. But our Bubble Tea most definitely does have it’s health benefits. And compared to your fizzy name brand drinks, it’s an absolute life saver.

The health benefits stem from the the antioxidants naturally found in teas called Polyphenols. These beauties have loads of benefits, a few of which can be seen in our helpful Tea Fact Infographic below:

Tea Facts

Those are true unadultarated facts right there, not some spin or propoganda for the enrichment of Bubble Tea and for us to take over the world, besides we just want to take over South Africa.

Now don’t assume that drinking Bubble Tea will magically help you loose wait, it won’t. And if you drink too much (hard to believe but there is such a thing as too much Bubble Tea) you will more than likely at to your circumference, there is after all sugar added to our Bubble Tea’s for that little added sweetness.

Fear not though, you may ask for us to completely cut out our added sweetener if you so please, or even just ask us to put in a little less, a few of you already are! Below is a little Info Graphic to help you guys out:


Pop Cafe’s Bubble Tea Sweetener Infographic


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