Take Away Bubble Tea and Shakes

Take Away Bubble Tea and Shakes

We understand how busy life can be. We also know about the very real addiction one can have to Bubble Tea, so we got our proverbial head hamster to jog on its wheel and voilà ! The light bulb came on!

A take away Bubble Tea is what this world is missing! The only problem was that the oh so delicious bobas, tapioca and jellies do not hold up so well in the drink over a period of time. They will last and be acceptable after a day or two, but acceptable is not what Pop Cafe is about. We want the exceptional, finish and kla!

So we mucked about with a few ideas and discovered a few ways NOT TO MAKE BUBBLE TEA, but after a few frizzled brain cells and endless testing we think we got it! We are the first in South Africa to offer the Grab & Go Bubble Tea and Shakes! A quick, easy and very convenient way for the movers and shakers to get their fix 🙂

So come on down to Pop Cafe and see what the mad scientists have been working on! There will always be a limited variety of crowd favourite Bubble Tea and Shakes for take away. Just Grab it and Go!

Next step, world peace…