Tis a secret place this.

Well aren’t you just tech savvy! Congratulations on finding our ‘hidden’ page! For your effort, here is a cheesy meme:

Bubble Tea Cheese

So you have recently just enjoyed a Pop Cafe Bubble Drink hey? We hope you really liked it!

Now we would like to ask a little favour, we would like to use a photo of your drink to help other people decide what to order, because we know that picking that perfect drink can be just a little tricky at times!

We have started an Instagram Menu by introducing the #PopCafeMenu hashtag, where you can share your favourite drink and its description to help others decide!

You could also search the #PopCafeMenu hashtag on Instagram and see what your friends recommend next time you can’t decide.

And because we really do appreciate your love, we will give away 2 drinks from the #PopCafeMenu each month to one lucky snapper!